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Llama Trekking

Surrounded by the Gänserndorf Adventure Park, children, young people and adults are given the opportunity to get to know peaceful and docile llamas.  During a brief training at the llama compound, the llama leaders will learn some interesting facts about how to handle llamas.

Let the trekking tour begin.  There are a lot of opportunities to get in contact with these sensitive animals when leading, petting and feeding them.


Apart from the unique llamas, experiencing the nature without the pressure of time is one of the most important aspects. 

Due to their reserved and at the same time friendly and curious nature, llamas are particularly suited for activities with children, young people and adults.  Their big, round eyes and fluffy fur make the fear of these animals disappear quickly.  Before you know it, the llama will become your friend and make you forget everyday life and stress, since people quickly gain trust when discovering our hiking paths at eye level with the llamas.


What you need for your trekking tour:
- rucksack, something to drink and snacks
- rainwear, solid shoes, sportive clothing
- perhaps sun protection and cap

Llama trekking is primarily offered on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays

Please make an appointment by phone: 0680/11 02 314 or 02282 79988