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Kein Zutritt für Hunde

3D Animal Bow Hunting Safari


Become one with the bow string!


Stalk the animal, feel the hunting thrill and take your aim: The large forest and steppe terrain of the Gänserndorf Adventure Park offers you the possibility of  “hunting” realistic 3D large wild game using bow and arrow.

Archery means silence, concentration, tension and relief when shooting the arrow.  It means active recreation for body, mind and spirit.  Leave everyday life behind and experience the fascination of this archaic hunting method.

You decide whether you “hunt“ alone or in groups, whether you complete the course yourself or want to be accompanied by a bow guru.

Archery is possible from the age of 6.  Your bow hunting safari begins after you have been provided with the entire equipment including training.  Children (from the age of 6) and young people under 18 may only access the terrain accompanied by a paying adult (adult with a maximum of five children/young people).

Special kids bows with suction cup arrows are offered free of charge for children under the age of 6.

When you bring your own equipment, please note that compound bows and hunting arrow points are not allowed for safety reasons.  The maximum draw force is 30 pound.

Our ÖBSV trainer Jack Plaat from Plaat Bowen will advise and actively support you.

We also offer specific archery classes.  Archery tournaments, also in cooperation with other archery course operators, will be announced separately.  Please read our additional information.

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