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Off-Road Segway Course


Off-road Segway - fun and adventure

Riding a Segway is a completely new experience!  Speed and accuracy are changed by your body balance only.  You will enjoy a completely new driving experience and get to know your body from a different perspective.  Test your limits: Our varied course with different terrain types allows you to gain more and more control over the Segway.  Riding time per client: 10 minutes.

You have to pre-book your off-road Segway ride in due time.


A lot of action – little effort

Riding a Segway is relatively easy to learn and does not require great physical effort, which is why it is a unique experience for young and old (possible from the age of 10 and at least 40 kg, at least 140 cm!).  Participation is also possible if children under the age of ten reach the minimum height and minimum weight.



Your safety is of great importance to us, which is why each client will be provided with an obligatory safety helmet.  Apart from this, one of our experienced employees will train you to ensure that you will be able to steer the Segway safely through the course.


No environmental pollution

Riding a Segway means acceleration of up to 20 km/h without polluting the environment!  Thanks to the zero-emission electric motor, there is neither air pollution nor noise disturbance.